I am Nova

With over 7 year experiences in both IT and Business field as an expert in different areas, I am specialist on helping enterprises to identify their needs, providing IT solutions and help companies to reduce operations costs.

I Currently representing:
-Consultant (ITOM), GoGoVan
-Consulting Director, CloudTech Group & Co., Ltd.
-Consulting Engineer, College.ee
-Mobile App Developing Consultant, AppGreen Limited
-COO, Altesse Commonwealth Group Limited.

Client Companies:



顧問(資訊戰略), GoGoVan/ 快狗速運
顧問總監, 雲科集團有限公司
顧問工程師, College.ee
移動應用開發顧問, AppGreen有限公司
戰略顧問, 君敖集團有限公司


Experiences / 專業經驗

Consulting Officer, GoGOVan

顧問(資訊戰略), GoGoVan/ 快狗速運

Chief Operations Officer, Altesse Commonwealth Group

首席運營官, 君敖集團

Chief Solutions Officer, WitGo

首席方案官, WitGo

Mobile App Developing Consultant, AppGreen Limited.

移動應用程序開發顧問, AppGreen有限公司

Strategy Operations Consultant, Altesse Family Group

戰略運營顧問, af集團有限公司

Information Officer, CloudTech Group Ltd.

首席信息官, 雲科集團有限公司

Rank#1 Engineer in Hong Kong, Microsoft MVA


2nd ​​Runner-up, Shanghai - Hang Kong Hackathon 2012


Grantee of Cyberport Creative Micro Fund 2012/13

數碼港創意微型基金 獲獎者 2012/13

Incubatee of Science Park Incubation Programme 2013

香港科學國創業培育計劃 培育公司 2013

Best ICT Startup Awardee

最佳資訊科技初創企業獎 獲獎者 2014

Developer, Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng Bank Limited.


Security Engineer, DMX Technologies Group

安全工程師, DMX科技國際集團

System Engineer, Microware Ltd.

系統工程師, Microware有限公司

Senior Translator, TED Conferences

高級翻譯官, 國際TED大會

Member, Mensa International

會員, 國際門薩學會

Lecturer, the HongKong Federation of Youth Groups

講師, 香港青年協會

Member, IEEE


Committee, Nanotechnology Observations (IEEE)


Committee, Cloud COmputing Community (IEEE)


Member, Green ICT Community, IEEE


Member, ACM


Microsoft Sales Specialist


Microsoft Virtualization Sales Specialist


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist


Microsoft Certified Network Product Specialist


Microsoft Partner Network Technical


Engineer, Baidu (HK) Limited

工程師, 百度(香港)有限公司

Engineer, Hong Kong Police Office

工程師, 香港警察

Engineer, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

工程師, 香港科技大學

Engineer, MTR (HK) Limited

工程師, 港鐵(香港)有限公司

Engineer, Housing Authority

工程師, 香港房屋委員會及房屋署

Engineer, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

工程師, 香港交易及結算所有限公司(港交所)

Engineer, Motorola

工程師, 摩托羅拉

Education / 教育學位

BBA, Hang Seng Management College

Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security, The University of Adelaide (AdelaideX)

Services / 服務

Cloud Computing Solutions / 雲計算解決方案

IT Solutions Deployment / IT方案部署

Software Licensing / 軟件授權

Corporate Image / 企業形象

Talent Network / 人才網絡

Enterprise Strategy / 商業策略顧問

Legal Consulting / 法律諮詢

Pricing / 收費

Short-run Consulting / 短期諮詢

Contract Consulting(10hrs) / 合約顧問(10小時)

*Special offer available for startups / 為新創企業提供特別優惠

Let's keep in touch / 和我聯繫

upinel@me.com +852 3612 2221